Things I Love

Besides my children of course…

Ann Taylor Loft for not only creating stylish workwear but for their great maternity clothes!

Born Free bottles, I swear they saved my boys sensitive stomachs from 0-6 months.

Carter’s baby clothes– true to size, survive a million washes, and adorable.

Target. I’m there practically every day, no joke.

All Free and Clear detergent– so I can wash the WHOLE family’s clothes at once!

Solo Products– Disposable plates, cups and silverware make a busy mother’s life so much easier! Plus, they come in so many great colors and patterns!

…and there will be more, once I have a spare minute to think about this!!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. Hi, Keri, I just found your blog because with the birth of my first grandchild, family members were reminiscing about how much fun our daughter had with the See’s Candy House she got for Christmas @ 1987 or so. One of the best presents ever! I was interested to read your posts about Jacob and Zachary, aka Mayhem. As a working mother myself, your story resonated with me. I hope you and yours have continued happy and healthy since last you wrote.

    Best regards,

    Anne Hall

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