Memorial Day 2012

I wish I just had cute pictures of the boys, in their matching flag t-shirts and plaid shorts… but instead I have a Mollie story. The long holiday weekend started out innocently enough, I had lunch with a few girlfriends and cleaned the house. Saturday morning, Daddy took Little J fishing. Little J told me, “We tried really hard to catch a fish, but we didn’t catch any.” I was happy- I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having smelly fish in my clean house.

Fishing on Lake Mission Viejo

Then, we went food shopping and when we returned home I noticed a (mostly) empty Ziploc bag in Mollie’s dog bed. There were a few chocolate chips left in it. I knew they had been in the pantry forever but I wasn’t sure how much chocolate was left in the bag. So I asked my husband how full that bag was, “It was a Costco size bag of chocolate chips. Did she eat all of those?!”  She seemed ok, so we figured there wasn’t much left in the bag. Then, after we got the boys to bed- we sat down to watch a movie around 9 pm, which is MUCH later than we are usually awake. Mollie seemed to be breathing fast. I mentioned it to my husband, and then… she started vomiting. and vomiting. and vomiting. Poor thing, she just couldn’t stop. We finally got her to go outside, where she continued the pattern. When she stumbled back inside and went to get some water, she fell over- and my husband immediately went to get the leash to bring her to the animal urgent care. I called and explained the story, so when they got there the doctor was ready and waiting for her.

They gave her medication to stabilize her heart rate, because she was in danger of going into cardiac arrest. Then they gave her something to clean out her system- and then put her on an IV and EKG all night. My poor hubby had to open a line of credit, deal with a thousand questions that he didn’t know the answers to, and sign papers about what kind of CPR he wanted them to do if she went into cardiac arrest. He came home at 2 am, without Mollie. The doctor told him to keep his phone by the bed, in case they needed to ask him something before the morning. Right as we were drifting to sleep, the phone rang- our hearts jumped out of our skin. It was the doctor, “You should probably transfer Mollie to her regular vet before 8 am so you don’t get charged the emergency room fees.”  OK, great, thank you for scaring us!

So, we tried to sleep. Mayhem was teething, and around 4:30 am he was having a terrible time. So I ended up on his floor for about an hour, trying to get him back to sleep. Then, of course, Little J was up and ready to go by 7 am. Long story short, Mollie missed our barbecue but returned home around dinner time. She had shaved spots, and was very thirsty and clingy- but OK! The vet said she’d never seen a dog eat that much chocolate and live. Add that to her resume. We had a wonderful Sunday, and spent Monday by the pool. Then, hubby took off to Anaheim to buy me this:

My new ride: 2012 “True Blue” Dodge Grand Caravan

Yes, I am now a minivan momma. I drove it for the first time this morning, so I’ll have to spend some time with it and get back to you on how I like it.

But, most importantly, we have our Mollie back.