The Thanksgiving That (Almost) Never Was…

Most of my friends are posting beautiful family photos of their happy family memories made over this past week. Not me. My week got off to a rough start, with yet another trip with Mayhem to the Emergency Room.

Tuesday: I get a phone call at work from our nanny. She says, “I don’t want to worry you… but the baby just threw up. A lot.” So, after going through some questions with her, I called the pediatrician. I told them that I was worried, because he had been roughhousing with his older brother the evening before- and banged his head. That was it, we were off to the ER…

During our 3 hours of waiting time (with an active toddler!), we got to see first-hand how bad the flu season is this year. At least there were lots of sirens from firetrucks and ambulances to catch his attention! When we finally got to see the doctor, we were all exhausted. After a quick visit, we were VERY happy to hear that Mayhem was fine- and we could go home!

Wednesday: Follow up visit to the pediatrician, and I had an unexpected ‘family care/sick day’ from work on the day before Thanksgiving. Gee, does that look suspicious?! What am I gonna do…

Thursday: Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They flew in from Seattle, just in time to receive the stomach bug which we soon learned was the real reason that Mayhem had vomited on Tuesday morning. I also spent the evening in the bathroom (I’ll spare you the graphic details). I later learn that my father has suffered the same fate.

Friday: After being up all night, I wake up to find that my husband now has the stomach bug. No one wants to hang out with us today!

Saturday: My sister and brother have flown out from NYC to spend the week with us. Today is the day we’re supposed to have our big turkey dinner. My mother is in bed, can’t get up. No one wants to eat. My sister and I cook the turkey anyways, and spent a very depressing meal staring at each other. We basically made it so there would be leftovers!

I stole my sister’s pictures, since I didn’t take any!

Saturday evening, Little J came down around 9:30 pm crying that his ear was ‘hurting so bad, and it’s NEVER going to feel better!’ After calling the after-hours hotline for his pediatrician, I had to track down a 24-hour pharmacy and go get his antibiotics. All of us got back to sleep around 11:30 pm.

Sunday: Finally, most of us were feeling better. But now my sister is down, and she and my brother had a red-eye to catch. Not an ideal situation.

So all in all, I barely got to spend any time with my siblings, and a stomach bug knocked each of out- One by one. And I have zero photos from the week- mom fail. At least we all lost weight this week, instead of gaining??

How was YOUR Thanksgiving? I hope it went better than ours!


Bitter, Party of One

This morning in Starbucks, I stood in line at 7:15 am, half awake after not sleeping well because of Baby Mayhem’s molars. In front of me was a happy, wide-awake couple in casual clothes, with their perfectly behaved child in a jogging stroller.

They smiled, leaned into each other and Perfect Wife said, “Hey- it’s supposed to be warm today, we should go to the beach!” In that moment, I hated Perfect Couple. I hated them so much.

I wanted to crawl back in bed, put the covers over my head and disappear for a few hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. But instead, I was going to down a Venti Latte and head into the office for 9 hours, then sit in the car for another hour. I was Bitter, party of one.

I took action. I have scheduled a weekday for my family and I to spend together. Of course, I still won’t look like Perfect Wife. And I won’t be standing in line at Starbucks, calming discussing plans for the rest of the day. I can dream…

But first, I need to get through the rest of the day- without falling asleep.