A Long, Wonderful, Family-Filled Weekend

This past weekend was a great one. We got to spend a lot of quality time together as a family, and we did some really fun activities! I personally had a 4 day weekend, which was sooooo needed. Here’s a run down of the weekend’s main events.

SaturdayHow to Train Your Dragon, Live Spectacular. My MIL took us to Anaheim to see this amazing show. It was truly astounding what they were able to do! The dragons breathed real fire, flew, and interacted with the actors. It’s a cute story to begin with, and if you have not seen the movie I highly recommend it. Of course, we had to bring home a dragon toy to commemorate the occasion. Little J LOVED it! I think we all enjoyed it a lot more than we originally imagined. It was a 2 hour show, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing really little ones.


J had so much fun!

Sunday: We got up early and headed to Disneyland. We were unaware of the Tinkerbell Half Marathon that was going on in the morning, and it took us half an hour to get from the freeway exit to the parking lot. But, when we finally got into CA Adventure- we secured FastPass tickets to the World of Color show at 8 pm. Then we went on a few rides, and checked into our hotel. Disney’s Grand Californian has bunk beds in the rooms, and the boys LOVED them! It’s also just a gorgeous hotel, and you get into the Disney parks an hour early when you stay there.

z disney

Mayhem is hard to catch SITTING STILL … this was the best I could do!

We went to dinner for my cousin’s birthday, then we went to see the World of Color. My husband had been pressing to see this for a long time- I wasn’t really that interested. But this too exceeded my expectations! It was water special effects, Disney music, scenes from Disney movies projected on the water… hard to explain. I’ll just say that I was skeptical, but I very much enjoyed the experience. It was crowded, but we left the boys with my parents so we got to enjoy a little ‘adult’ time.

Monday: We got up at 6 am and headed to CA Adventure at 7 am. We did this so we could get on Radiator Springs Racers before the line got too long. I thought this ride was really well done, and exciting. J told me, “I will NEVER go on that again. It was TOO FAST!” Oh well, at least we didn’t wait 2 hours for him to tell me that. We spent the rest of the morning at the park, then headed back to the hotel for brunch with the characters. I was so happy that the boys weren’t too afraid! When we see them in the park, neither of them wants to get too close. But J gave Pluto a big hug, which was so adorable.


I can NEVER get him to approach the characters! I was so happy that he gave Pluto a hug 🙂

Monday afternoon, we drove home and the boys were exhausted. They both took naps, and I cleaned out the car and got ready for the week. All in all, a very fun weekend! Hopefully this coming weekend will be a bit more relaxing- but I can’t complain. I think the girls (Mollie and Kallie, the dogs) will be happy if we stay home ALL WEEKEND.


Everyone was tired. Great time to snuggle.

What did you do this weekend?


Just Another Morning…

In Pre-K, J made a lovely…thing… with playdough. Apparently, it was made with flour, water, salt and other ‘edible’ items. Mollie decided to try that out, after we went to bed last night.


When I saw the empty plate, I thought, “Why would you want to eat that?” I mean, this THING had pipe cleaners, buttons, and other random things sticking out of it!


Then I found it on the carpet, so I figured we were OK. No x-rays to determine how many pipe-cleaners needed to be removed. As I was figuring that we were in the clear… I saw this…


I know. You’re welcome. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone else’s dog vomit? I spared you from the other photos, there was so much more! So I spent my morning cleaning the dog bed, the kitchen floor, and finding random pieces of play dough on my living room floor. How was YOUR morning?!

Long on Love, Meet our Dachshund

Ms. Mollie comes with quite the stories. But I feel it’s only fair for her to share the spotlight. Kallie was our first family pet, and she’s my baby. If you have ever owned a dachshund, you know- they have ‘a person.’ I am her person. I grew up with a longhaired dachshund, who was arguably the worst dog on the planet. We loved him, perhaps too much. When I was 10, I begged and begged for a dog. Dad said, “Get straight A’s, and we’ll talk.” So I did. And Buster joined the family. But he is another story altogether.

When we first got married, my husband and I used to walk over to the movie theaters all the time. We would venture into the pet store (I know, I know!) and visit the puppies. Kallie was gorgeous. Itty bitty (2 lbs), curly black hair, and my weakness- a longhaired dachshund. Time after time, we would go in- and I would hold her. The last time, I couldn’t handle it anymore. “Can’t we just get her?” I asked my husband. “She’ll be no trouble, look how little and quiet she is?!”

He said it was up to me. So I called in my mother. My mother also fell for her, and the deal was done. I used to carry her outside before and after work for our walks, and snuggle with her on the couch. She wasn’t allowed in the bed, and never will be. But we spent a lot of time together, since I brought her everywhere. I dressed her up for Halloween and everything- she was my baby. Then we got Mollie. Having two of them made it harder to bring Kallie everywhere!

Kallie been a wonderful pet- loving and loyal. She’s had her health issues too. But she can’t help that. Recently, I told her that I hope she likes tutus because if we don’t have a girl- I’ll need to dress SOMEONE up!

I just felt that I needed to share some love with Kallie, since my scene-stealing Basset Hound seems to grab all the attention around here! Kallie’s notable accomplishments include kicking some doxie butt at the Huntington Beach Oktoberfest Dachshund Races in 2010. One of the other doxie owners asked if I was interested in breeding her- because she was so beautiful. That was an awkward conversation! She’s always in my shadow at home, following right behind me everywhere I go.  I know I can count on her for unconditional love.

She’s much easier to see on light-colored surfaces. She blends in with our dark brown couch!

For Love of a Basset

Since bringing home our Mollie over 5 years ago, she has kept it interesting… to say the least. The reason we got a Basset Hound in the first place, was that my husband grew up with one named “Gus”. He was a rascal, and got himself into quite a bit of trouble. His wild streak, and strong will left my husband with fond memories of his childhood pet. The adorable photos of my husband when he was young, holding an adorable, squishy basset hound puppy… that is what did me in. We acquired Mollie from a local pet store, boo, hiss. I know, I know. I won’t ever do that again! Now that we have that out of the way…

Seems harmless enough…

The first revelation was that her front legs were not the same size, according to x-rays taken by our vet. She had to have surgery, which the pet store actually reimbursed us for! Poor Mollie. She was only 8 months old when she had her first surgery. It didn’t slow her down! After the first couple days, she wasn’t so ‘drugged up’ and she started running around on her cast… and her three ‘good legs.’ We snuggled, we played, we nursed her back to health.

I could go on for days, but I blogged about the most recent episode here. This weekend, I discussed what our ‘plans’ were before going downstairs. Once I walked downstairs, I saw her licking and licking and licking. So, I looked and she had licked herself raw – likely overnight. TO THE VET! She not only had ‘unidentified insect bites’, but we ended up getting a biopsy of two different TYPES of lumps on her body. What this means is that she has many more bumps, but only two TYPES of bumps. One type turned out to be a keratin cyst- which is equivalent to an ingrown hair, and totally harmless. The other was a tumor. The vet sent the biopsy to the lab, and luckily it’s just a fatty tumor.

Oh, Mollie…

Incidentally, the entire experience was hilarious because the vet tech was in love with her and carried her to and from the exam room. He carried her out to the car, because, “She just LOVES being held!” I had to discuss tumors in the waiting room, while ignoring little J’s pleas to help him stuff a giant stuffed parrot into its cage and the enormous poodle sniffing me. Anyways, Mollie is just fine. For now. Everything they tell you with a Basset Hound seems to be OK ‘for a basset.’ Her teeth look fine ‘for a basset.’ Keratin cysts are normal ‘for a basset.’ It seems we are the best customers at the Ladera Ranch Animal Hospital ‘for love of a basset.’

Memorial Day 2012

I wish I just had cute pictures of the boys, in their matching flag t-shirts and plaid shorts… but instead I have a Mollie story. The long holiday weekend started out innocently enough, I had lunch with a few girlfriends and cleaned the house. Saturday morning, Daddy took Little J fishing. Little J told me, “We tried really hard to catch a fish, but we didn’t catch any.” I was happy- I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having smelly fish in my clean house.

Fishing on Lake Mission Viejo

Then, we went food shopping and when we returned home I noticed a (mostly) empty Ziploc bag in Mollie’s dog bed. There were a few chocolate chips left in it. I knew they had been in the pantry forever but I wasn’t sure how much chocolate was left in the bag. So I asked my husband how full that bag was, “It was a Costco size bag of chocolate chips. Did she eat all of those?!”  She seemed ok, so we figured there wasn’t much left in the bag. Then, after we got the boys to bed- we sat down to watch a movie around 9 pm, which is MUCH later than we are usually awake. Mollie seemed to be breathing fast. I mentioned it to my husband, and then… she started vomiting. and vomiting. and vomiting. Poor thing, she just couldn’t stop. We finally got her to go outside, where she continued the pattern. When she stumbled back inside and went to get some water, she fell over- and my husband immediately went to get the leash to bring her to the animal urgent care. I called and explained the story, so when they got there the doctor was ready and waiting for her.

They gave her medication to stabilize her heart rate, because she was in danger of going into cardiac arrest. Then they gave her something to clean out her system- and then put her on an IV and EKG all night. My poor hubby had to open a line of credit, deal with a thousand questions that he didn’t know the answers to, and sign papers about what kind of CPR he wanted them to do if she went into cardiac arrest. He came home at 2 am, without Mollie. The doctor told him to keep his phone by the bed, in case they needed to ask him something before the morning. Right as we were drifting to sleep, the phone rang- our hearts jumped out of our skin. It was the doctor, “You should probably transfer Mollie to her regular vet before 8 am so you don’t get charged the emergency room fees.”  OK, great, thank you for scaring us!

So, we tried to sleep. Mayhem was teething, and around 4:30 am he was having a terrible time. So I ended up on his floor for about an hour, trying to get him back to sleep. Then, of course, Little J was up and ready to go by 7 am. Long story short, Mollie missed our barbecue but returned home around dinner time. She had shaved spots, and was very thirsty and clingy- but OK! The vet said she’d never seen a dog eat that much chocolate and live. Add that to her resume. We had a wonderful Sunday, and spent Monday by the pool. Then, hubby took off to Anaheim to buy me this:

My new ride: 2012 “True Blue” Dodge Grand Caravan

Yes, I am now a minivan momma. I drove it for the first time this morning, so I’ll have to spend some time with it and get back to you on how I like it.

But, most importantly, we have our Mollie back.

Oh, Mollie…

When I first started this blog, I promised to keep track of things that my dogs destroy. While I haven’t posted each and every dinosaur they have beheaded, or every ball they have popped… or even the dog balloon they murdered…

Please forgive the blurry photo, Mayhem wouldn't be still. The point is for you to see the dog balloon, or Sparky as Little J called him.

But I have got to share this story with you. Over Easter weekend, we attended three egg hunts. The first was in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard. The second was Saturday after brunch, and finally Sunday at church. That is not counting the eggs hidden by the Easter bunny eggs on Sunday morning. That’s a lot of eggs. I put them all in a shopping bag, and left the bag downstairs. I failed to empty the candy from each egg, and I failed to put the bag on the counter.

This is what I saw on Tuesday morning, when I came down to leave for work.

Happy Easter!

The source...

 It appears that the dogs popped open each individual egg and ate all the candy. I figured there would be two sick dogs in my kitchen. Instead, I found this:

Oh, Mollie! Do your dogs do things like this, or am I just really lucky?!

What should they call you??

We were the first of our group of friends to get married, and subsequently the first to have a baby.  Our family is an ever-evolving experiment.  We are the ‘test’ to see if your dog is baby safe (well, only dogs that we already trust of course!).

No, really, we like each other!

We were the first to bring a baby on our annual camping trip.  Thankfully, a fellow parent and camper had the brilliant idea of bringing a blow up pool!

Jacob camping with us in 2010

There are a lot of details, but generally we are the first to integrate children with our already existing life. It’s been working pretty well, so far! But there are certain things that I wonder if we’re doing… wrong. 

Our three year old calls our friends by their first name.  He always has.  They are aunts and uncles to him.  But, as he will be going to pre-school in September, I am wondering if we should teach him to call adults by “Ms. Webber” or “Mr. Reid” instead of first names.  I’m pretty sure that the ship has sailed for our close friends, but when my son told my mom that he had gone to the park with “Keri, Jenny and Mackenzie” I was a bit concerned, because I’m KERI! and Jenny is my friend! Shouldn’t he be saying, “Mommy, Mrs. Busch and Mackenzie” ??

It is further complicated by the fact that it feels very strange for someone else’s children to call me, “Mrs. Bullock”.  I guess you just get used to it, kind of like when teenagers call you ma’am and you feel like you want to crawl under a rock. Do I look that old?!

Do we look like "Mr. and Mrs." ?? Well, the pirate doesn't help...

I could be making a mountain out of a molehill, but it just seemed odd to me! What do you think- is it OK for my son to call my friends by their first names?