2 Quick ‘Mom Beauty Tips’

Let me just preface this post by saying that I do not consider myself an expert on ‘beauty’ tips. However, I happen to be related to someone who has been trying to help me along the path to looking and feeling better for… well, my whole life. My sister read my New Year’s Resolutions, and pointed me towards two great products that I wanted to share with you.


DHC – Deep Cleansing Oil is what I now use before I go to bed. The main ingredient in this product is olive oil, which sounded strange to me. But it feels like a mini spa treatment! It removes your makeup, including eye makeup and prevents breakouts. I love that it is a natural, deep cleaning product.


Benefit Erase Paste is the concealer that I had been searching for, to hide the bags under my eyes. My skin is very fair, so I feel that my exhaustion shows up easily. What makes this concealer stand out is that it is a creamy, blendable product. It’s not a stick, or a hard compact which are the types of products that I had previously been using. It’s easy to use, and comes with instructions on how to hide different things, including under eye circles. I highly recommend it!

The last thing my sister recommended was for me to find a great mascara that I love, and make sure I put it on EVERY Day. I know, it should go without saying. If you were going to leave the house in 5 minutes, make sure you throw on your mascara!

What beauty tips would you give your fellow mamas?Β (Note: Keep it civil, ladies!)


13 thoughts on “2 Quick ‘Mom Beauty Tips’

  1. I agree with the Mascara bit! Mascara + chapstick, and i’m ready to go. Widh I could do something cute with my un-manageable hair…

  2. Im going to check out that erase paste RIGHT NOW! I have very fair skin and always have dark circles. I asked a plastic surgeon about it ( i was only there to get a stye cut off my lower eye lid – they originally thought it was cancer) and he said because I am thin, and pale, my veins just show through more than normal, plus any rubbing of my eyes was going to break the capilaries and cause visible bruising.

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Benfit cosmetics, and I didn’t even know they had a product named Erase Paste! I’m in love! This is a product I have been searching high and low for, but have never found the “right one”. Gonna go check it out more now.

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