Quick and Healthy Snacks for Preschoolers

Little J is somewhat of a challenge when it comes to eating ‘meals’. He is not very interested in eating, sometimes I wonder if he would eat at all if not for me! This post is as much for me, as for you. I’ve gathered a few snack ideas that are quick and easy. Yogurt and applesauce are my old standbys, but he’s been refusing me by saying, “I had that already.” So I’ve attempted to mix it up a bit.

1. English muffin pizza. We used to make these as kids, and I still love them. J seems more interested in eating things that he can help me make. So I’m hopefully on this one! If all else fails, Mayhem would be happy to help me make and eat these. I use whole wheat English Muffins, marinara sauce, and shredded mozzarella.

2. Frozen fruit bars. The fact that liquids freeze in the freezer makes this treat fascinating to the boys. Mix up the 100% juice and some fruit, toss it in the freezer. The next day, wow! homemade frozen fruit bars.

3. Smoothies. We use ice, milk, yogurt and fruit. Blenders are loud, and boys LOVE loud!

4. Whole grain waffles. Peanut butter is the favorite topping at our house.

5. Dips. Mayhem loves to dip. Rather than ranch dressing, I’m trying to steer him towards hummus and veggies. J prefers strawberries with yogurt dip.

And, in the ‘candy jar’ I’m using raw almonds. This goes without saying, but be sure your little ones can handle an almond before you allow this. But I’m happy to have us all eating those instead of M&Ms! What healthy snacks do you serve at your house?


9 thoughts on “Quick and Healthy Snacks for Preschoolers

  1. I heart mini pizzas! If you have any pulverized veggies around, you may be able to mix it in with the pizza sauce to “sneak” some veggies into the dish. Grapes are also easy, and cold, easy for the kids to eat. My go-to is smoothies. While they think they’re getting a strawberry ice-cream treat, I can bulk them up on protein using greek yogurt, as well as sneaking in other fruits they usually won’t eat if given to them in a bowl.

  2. You could also make the mini pizzas fun using dough (from Trader Joes) and cutting them into shapes using cookie cutters. Did this and James actually ate the dinosaur-shaped pizza. Also, check out http://www.weelicious.com – a great blog for healthy recipes for the kiddos!

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