How I Handled My Oldest Child Going to Preschool

Little J makes me so proud. He started preschool, and there were no tears… from him. I tried to take some of those classic ‘first day’ photos on our porch. Except, trying to explain the ‘look over your shoulder’ pose to a 4 year old turned out to be much more difficult than I had planned for.

sure, that works. not what I was thinking, but it works.

Then, I loaded him into the car and spent the ride explaining how he was going to school and STAYING at school- and that I would see him later. He told me that you’re not supposed to turn right on red (seriously). When we arrived, he marched into the classroom to take a look. He was a bit nervous at first, but then he folded right into the routine with the other kids. He was bubbling with excitement when he got home, so I asked him a few questions.

Me: Who was your favorite kid? J: All of them.

Me: What did you do today? J: Played with kids. Had a snack.

Me: Did you make anything? Or sing any songs? J: Yeah, we made fish. But they had glitter on them, so I didn’t bring it home ‘cuz it would be too messy.

Getting nowhere fast. Guess I’ll have to be content to hear it all second-hand. But he’s really enjoying his half-days at school. They celebrated his birthday, and he got a crown to wear for the day. He had ‘share day’, or ‘show and tell’ to children of the 80’s. And he brought a T-Rex, of course.

It made me a little sad to leave him there. It’s a strange feeling, and I know many parents have to leave their children when they are much younger… but it was a first for me! I never cried before I had kids, and there I was crying in my minivan before leaving him at school for his first day! Children have destroyed me!

Have you cried more since you had kids?


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