Long on Love, Meet our Dachshund

Ms. Mollie comes with quite the stories. But I feel it’s only fair for her to share the spotlight. Kallie was our first family pet, and she’s my baby. If you have ever owned a dachshund, you know- they have ‘a person.’ I am her person. I grew up with a longhaired dachshund, who was arguably the worst dog on the planet. We loved him, perhaps too much. When I was 10, I begged and begged for a dog. Dad said, “Get straight A’s, and we’ll talk.” So I did. And Buster joined the family. But he is another story altogether.

When we first got married, my husband and I used to walk over to the movie theaters all the time. We would venture into the pet store (I know, I know!) and visit the puppies. Kallie was gorgeous. Itty bitty (2 lbs), curly black hair, and my weakness- a longhaired dachshund. Time after time, we would go in- and I would hold her. The last time, I couldn’t handle it anymore. “Can’t we just get her?” I asked my husband. “She’ll be no trouble, look how little and quiet she is?!”

He said it was up to me. So I called in my mother. My mother also fell for her, and the deal was done. I used to carry her outside before and after work for our walks, and snuggle with her on the couch. She wasn’t allowed in the bed, and never will be. But we spent a lot of time together, since I brought her everywhere. I dressed her up for Halloween and everything- she was my baby. Then we got Mollie. Having two of them made it harder to bring Kallie everywhere!

Kallie been a wonderful pet- loving and loyal. She’s had her health issues too. But she can’t help that. Recently, I told her that I hope she likes tutus because if we don’t have a girl- I’ll need to dress SOMEONE up!

I just felt that I needed to share some love with Kallie, since my scene-stealing Basset Hound seems to grab all the attention around here! Kallie’s notable accomplishments include kicking some doxie butt at the Huntington Beach Oktoberfest Dachshund Races in 2010. One of the other doxie owners asked if I was interested in breeding her- because she was so beautiful. That was an awkward conversation! She’s always in my shadow at home, following right behind me everywhere I go.  I know I can count on her for unconditional love.

She’s much easier to see on light-colored surfaces. She blends in with our dark brown couch!


6 thoughts on “Long on Love, Meet our Dachshund

  1. Awww precious Kallie 🙂 You forgot to mention how she likes to give tender kisses hehe

    Buster was not the worst dog people. He didn’t like others outside of our family haha

    • Buster was awful. He was never potty trained, hated everyone outside our family, and used to run away! Obviously he did something right though- I got another longhaired dachshund!! They are just very… opinionated!

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