My New Stroller – Chicco Liteway

I’m not new at this ‘mom’ thing anymore. I have TWO kids, and I’ve had numerous strollers- don’t get my husband started on the topic. I have the BOB Revolution, it’s endured both boys and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. BUT I also have a need for a lighter, more portable stroller to keep in my car. I previously had the Combi lightweight stroller- but it didn’t wear well. It was difficult to steer amongst other issues, and after 4 years it was driving me crazy.

So, I took advantage of the Babies R Us “Great Trade In” where you get 25% off a new stroller or carseat if you traded in your old one. I happily handed in my Combi, and purchased a Chicco Liteway.

And well, I am in love. This stroller is sturdy, easy on the eyes, and moves so much easier than my previous one. I had to share. One of my complaints about the prior stroller was that I had no where to hang my purse- and the handles on this stroller serve that purpose. It also folds up easily, and steers effortlessly. It reclines, and can even support a newborn. I am impressed. The only small downside is the basket, which isn’t very large. But since I can hang things on the handles, that makes up for it- in my humble opinion. Bonus: it’s WAY cheaper than a Maclaren!

What about you- do you have a stroller (or other baby gear item) that you LOVE?!


2 thoughts on “My New Stroller – Chicco Liteway

  1. Nice! I have one like this. Just don’t hang too much on the handles that the whole stroller (and kid in it) fall over backwards. I’ve seen it happen more than once.

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