My Little Man is Growing Up!

Little J is growing up before my very eyes. He is working hard on being independent. He has been trying to develop his signature, and has the ‘J’ down. He seems to be trying to figure out where we are, when we are driving he’ll ask me, “Is this where the store is?” He has an opinion on everything from what shorts he would like to wear for the day, “COMFY ONES, Mommy!” to what he’s having for each meal.

“Waffles ARE real food!” when I told him we had to eat “real food” for dinner…

Since we’re limiting his tv intake, he is becoming very discerning about what he watches. I am thankful for this, as I cannot stand certain Nick Jr. shows… Diego and Dora, I’m looking at you! He is making decisions, weighing whether he would like to watch a tv show or play with the iPad for a short time. He is anticipating his mother’s actions. When we leave the house, he asks, “Is this going to take long? Are you bringing us snacks?” He’s more responsible than me sometimes!

When he gets his haircut, puts his little backpack on, and slips on his shoes- I just want to freeze time. He looks to grown up! But he still melts my heart when he tells me, “Mommy, today you need to come home before the sun goes down. OK?” OK, little man, I wouldn’t want to miss our snuggle time…

Happy times…


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