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Being a mom with a background in education, I spend a lot of time studying how to help Baby Eli develop a heart for learning. From research, writing and my own experiences, I have developed 3 tips to help inspire your children to love to learn.

1. Spend time reading.

The encouragement to read to your children comes from all directions and for good reason. Reading to children fosters many things: language development, imagination and an excuse to snuggle.

Stretch beyond reading the story to your child, ask him/her to read it back to you.

* Ask your child to read the story back to you.

Children as young as 1 can begin to “read” the story back. Many times, they will associate pictures with memorable sounds and words. This is the beginning of sight reading. During this type of activity, children are also practicing the art of story telling and tackling the concept of beginning, middle…

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