Oh, Mollie…

When I first started this blog, I promised to keep track of things that my dogs destroy. While I haven’t posted each and every dinosaur they have beheaded, or every ball they have popped… or even the dog balloon they murdered…

Please forgive the blurry photo, Mayhem wouldn't be still. The point is for you to see the dog balloon, or Sparky as Little J called him.

But I have got to share this story with you. Over Easter weekend, we attended three egg hunts. The first was in Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard. The second was Saturday after brunch, and finally Sunday at church. That is not counting the eggs hidden by the Easter bunny eggs on Sunday morning. That’s a lot of eggs. I put them all in a shopping bag, and left the bag downstairs. I failed to empty the candy from each egg, and I failed to put the bag on the counter.

This is what I saw on Tuesday morning, when I came down to leave for work.

Happy Easter!

The source...

 It appears that the dogs popped open each individual egg and ate all the candy. I figured there would be two sick dogs in my kitchen. Instead, I found this:

Oh, Mollie! Do your dogs do things like this, or am I just really lucky?!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Mollie…

  1. Uh-Oh!

    My brother’s dog CB is a terrier. She gets into EVERYTHING! My dog who is pure-bred mutt doesn’t get into much but she’s a barker.

    Mollie is a beautiful dog! 🙂

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