New Spring LOFT Clothes!

Went shopping this past weekend, and I was so excited by all the spring clothes!  My favorite store for ‘work clothes’ is definitely LOFT. My sister at I Have A Degree In This! says that I need to incorporate color and patterns into my dull wardrobe- so I’m trying! I’ll show you what I picked up, and you can tell me how I did!

1. Accessories: I added a ‘cool tone’ long necklace, to accompany the many blues, greys and purples that I have in my closet. I love how this necklace picks up the color of whichever top I put on!

LOFT Long Multi Stone Illusion Necklace

2. A new top: I fell in love with this top when I saw it on a model in the LOFT store. It is light and airy, but still form fitting enough so that it doesn’t completely take over!











3. Pants: I love these seersucker pants. I had to have them! I can’t wait to wear them with a pink top and wedge shoes. I love the bow!

I am pretty sure that the Maternity section in LOFT got me through my pregnancy with Baby Mayhem. Now that I’m FINALLY back (or pretty close to) my pre-pregnancy body, I’m excited for their new clothes!

What are you excited about for Spring?  Have you picked up any new clothes? Share with me!


3 thoughts on “New Spring LOFT Clothes!

  1. These outfits look great. I just bought some new work clothes at Burlintgon Coat Factory. I found some wonderful designer outfits, at great prices. They were about half what they would have cost in the department stores. It was an irresistible deal.

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