His First Memory

An offhanded comment, “He won’t remember this anyway” got me thinking. Little J is 3 and a half years old. He is approaching the time when most adults have their ‘first memory’. I wonder what he will remember. He seems to remember EVERYTHING right now. He knows the words to songs we hear on the radio, he knows all the names of the dinosaurs, he can even ‘read’ me some of his favorite books because he knows all the words. The kid is amazing.

Can you pronounce these names?
image source: http://www.dinosaurtypes.net

But what will be his first memory? My husband swears that his first memory is of his little brother being brought home from the hospital.  Little J was only two and a half when that happened. I remember going to the hospital to visit my mom and my little brother, but I was four and a half.

It is kind of sad for me (I know, I’m selfish) to think about things he probably won’t remember.  The special moments that he and I have shared in the past few years.  The bedtime rituals, the silly habits, and the many smiles. Even the hundreds of photos and videos on my iPhone don’t tell the complete story.

Mommy dressed me like we're going to the Hamptons, but then we put the clothes back on the rack in JCrew...

All I can do is hope that Little J’s first memory isn’t, “When Mommy was mad at me because I pooped in my pants AGAIN.”

What was your first memory? How old were you?  


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