Date Night

My parents generously offered to watch the boys on Saturday night, so we could have a date night.  I instantly thought of dinner, without children.  When I suggested a solo dinner to my husband, he thought we could try WineWorks… somewhere we would never bring the boys.  I dropped the boys off around 6 (after Jacob woke up from his nap, gathered his ‘items’, and I managed to herd everyone into the car). Got home around 6:40 pm, out the door around 7 pm… off to WineWorks. 

“Oh, you don’t have a reservation? We can’t seat you.” My thought: “Seriously? We’re in Mission Viejo, not Hollywood!” Hostess: “We even reserve our bar seating now.” My face: “Well, that’s great for you.”

Back to the car, hungry, annoyed, and not sure where to try next. Hubby says, “Let’s call Amazing Grapes” We had tried to go to this place previously, on a Sunday afternoon sans children- but they were closed. We struck out with them again tonight, “No, we’re full. Sorry” Well, at least we didn’t drive all the way there to find that out!

Next place, Uncorked- “Sure, come on down! We have room, we’ll save you a table.” YES! I drive, hubby looks up their menu on his phone- sounds delicious… A smile returns to my face, it’s getting late- but I’m really trying not to focus on that…

We walk in- and my mother-in-law is there with friends.  Really.  And to top it all off, the waiter is a customer that my husband got in an argument with earlier in the week.  Is there a hidden camera somewhere??

Got back to my parents house at 9 pm, and passed out at 9:30. Lesson: Date nights are overrated!



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