What should they call you??

We were the first of our group of friends to get married, and subsequently the first to have a baby.  Our family is an ever-evolving experiment.  We are the ‘test’ to see if your dog is baby safe (well, only dogs that we already trust of course!).

No, really, we like each other!

We were the first to bring a baby on our annual camping trip.  Thankfully, a fellow parent and camper had the brilliant idea of bringing a blow up pool!

Jacob camping with us in 2010

There are a lot of details, but generally we are the first to integrate children with our already existing life. It’s been working pretty well, so far! But there are certain things that I wonder if we’re doing… wrong. 

Our three year old calls our friends by their first name.  He always has.  They are aunts and uncles to him.  But, as he will be going to pre-school in September, I am wondering if we should teach him to call adults by “Ms. Webber” or “Mr. Reid” instead of first names.  I’m pretty sure that the ship has sailed for our close friends, but when my son told my mom that he had gone to the park with “Keri, Jenny and Mackenzie” I was a bit concerned, because I’m KERI! and Jenny is my friend! Shouldn’t he be saying, “Mommy, Mrs. Busch and Mackenzie” ??

It is further complicated by the fact that it feels very strange for someone else’s children to call me, “Mrs. Bullock”.  I guess you just get used to it, kind of like when teenagers call you ma’am and you feel like you want to crawl under a rock. Do I look that old?!

Do we look like "Mr. and Mrs." ?? Well, the pirate doesn't help...

I could be making a mountain out of a molehill, but it just seemed odd to me! What do you think- is it OK for my son to call my friends by their first names?


8 thoughts on “What should they call you??

  1. I still call your parents, and most of my other friend’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. 🙂 I definately feel too young to be Mrs. So-and-so. I’m fine with just “Jenny” for my friends’ kids, especially when I have one kid who calls me Jenny, or Jen-Jen, all the time. 🙂

  2. I don’t see a problem with your friends being called by their first name (or aunt or uncle). I’m one who doesn’t really like to be called Mrs. Caha….very strange for me! I was worried that my boys would be too “familiar” when they went to school or were around adults other than my friends – and I found out that they are pretty adaptable – even friends who’ve been called by their first name – but now are teachers (i have a few) the transition to Mrs. Johnson from Kristen went without incident).

    I think that if you are clear with them, they amazingly adapt. They will quickly understand that their teachers are so different than mommy and daddy’s friends and there is a different place in their lives for them!

    • first of all, sorry it took me this long to reply! and you’re right, i’m sure i’m just (once again) worrying too much about something that the kids will adapt to as needed 🙂 words of wisdom!

  3. once you cross the 30 threshold I think children should use respectful titles like Mr., Mrs., Sir, Ma’am, Mother, Father, and of course Grandpa and Grandma. Under 30 you are all a bunch of kids.

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