Mommy Tattoos

Yahoo News today has an article about celebrity moms and their mommy tattoos.–new-trend-spawned-by-female-celebrities.html  Are tattoos really a trend? They have been around forever. Now that celebrity moms have them, it’s trendy. 

I would never get a tattoo, but that doesn’t mean my boys aren’t special to me! I wear the birthstones of our whole family on my necklace every day, and I have a ring for each boy with their birthstones that my husband gave me.

August and February birthstones

Sorry it’s blurry. It’s a cell phone self-portrait
So tell me, do you have a mommy tattoo or wear something to represent your child/ren?

4 thoughts on “Mommy Tattoos

  1. No tattoos for me too. I love your idea of carrying around your kids birthstones. I think it’s more endearing. It shows how speacial they are to you. That they are precious to you and that like the gems stones, they make your life and heart sparkle. My wife wears her birthstone. I will tell her to find our son’s birthstone , perhaps I can wear one too. Is there a male version of it? Beautiful and inspiring post. Thanks. Best wishes…

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