As I was searching for Halloween costumes for the boys, I was struck by how Halloween is marketed now- SEX. I found myself looking at the costumes for women in a new light. I’m a mother now, of two children. I’m not going to be parading around the neighborhood in THAT! To add to the complications, my husband wants to ‘match’ me and I have to wear a costume to work.  So here are just a couple costume choices from www.partycity.com, along with my thoughts…

Spider Witch from http://www.partycity.com

Spider Witch: Really, they can even make a witch costume inappopriate? I would have to wear leggings under that skirt, and a sweater over that top. Seeing as today is 100 degrees, I’m going to pass…
and by the way, witches have black hats- not orange!
Prisoner of Love from http://www.partycity.com

Prisoner of Love: Besides the fact that this is a totally ridiculous idea for a costume, those shorts barely pass for shorts. I would call it more of a leotard- also not work appropriate!

Our office just voted on what the theme will be- GNOMES! Time to get creative, and I’ll be sure to post pictures!!
 UPDATE: Here is a picture of my department, dressed as gnomes!

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